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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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Crain's Business Detroit House Party 2013
Yesterday was the day that I had been planning for--the Crain's Detroit House Party. This event has evidently been going on for eight years, but I did not know of it until Jeanette Pierce from D:Hive asked if I could be on the Corktown portion of their tour. I said yes mainly because D:Hive kindly provided tour guides to attend to the shuttle buses for Corktown Historical Society's home and garden tour in June.

As you're probably sick of hearing, I've been restoring my staircase with Scott's help (with Don and Tom contributing) this summer. My goal was to finish the staircase before the tour. For at least a couple of weeks now, my daily routine has consisted of coming home from work, eating dinner, and then working on my staircase until it's time to go to bed. Without going into details, believe me when I tell you that it really takes that long to do every little thing that the project entails. I worked until 10pm and as late as 12am one night.

I'm glad to say the project achieved 98% completion just a couple of hours before the tour started, and the unfinished details are not obvious to a casual observer.

I was told that as many as 75 people could attend the tour (the three buses can hold 25 people each), so Sarah wanted to help out with food and drinks. She came over on Tuesday night and made three pitchers of sangria, and bought a *ton* of snacks. I only put out a portion of what we had, planning on replenishing food as it was eaten.

The punch bowl in that photo only contains two of the three pitchers of sangria.

The day before the tour Crain's emailed me a guest list of only 47 names. Sarah laughed, saying that we had way too much sangria.

Due to a slight rescheduling, the first bus came later than expected. Also unexpected was the surprisingly low turnout--only six people were on that bus. Maybe everyone else was late and would be put on the subsequent buses?

Well, no second bus ever came. I saw it drive by and slow down, but the next time I looked out of my window, it was gone. It neverreturned. There was no third bus, either--that was the "VIP" bus, which only made one long stop at Hostel Detroit in North Corktown.

So that was it. All of that work for just six people. No one ever called to say that I was being skipped--I just stopped waiting a half hour after the tour was supposed to end. I told my Airbnb guests that fifty people were coming, and someone--either Crain's or D:Hive--totally embarrassed me.

Crain's compensated hosts with a $25 Whole Foods gift card (which is being given to Sarah, since she bought everything) and four tickets to the afterglow party at the newly refurbished ballroom at Cobo Hall. Sarah couldn't make it, so I took my mom, Bob, and Kati. I had to provide guest names and we received name tags at the event. I absentmindedly provided them with Kati's maiden name. "I haven't seen this name in years!" she said.

No one even checked our tickets, so I could have brought the Airbnb guests and no one would have noticed. The only vegan food that the "strolling dinner" offered was a shot glass full of minced fruit. And coffee. It's a good thing I had a late lunch.

On the plus side, I met two fans of the history blog, who offered flattering praise. And at least the staircase is basically finished. (Those final photos are forthcoming.)

The day wasn't a complete waste--that morning I went to the bank with other members of the Corktown Historical Society so that myself and the president could finally be added as signers on the account. As treasurer, it will be useful to be able to finally sign checks!