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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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Welch ein Augenblick!
I haven't had time to take the definitive staircase photos, but I'm impatient to post something. Here is a photo of what the stairs looked like around 2009, after the house was partially gutted and the stairs already partially stripped:

When Tom helped me transport the mattress for the Azure Suite on April 6th, he sparked the beginning of this renovation by talking me into (and helping me with) dismantling the upstairs spindles. Scott made brand new custom newel caps and finials soon afterward. Almost six months later, the project is more or less done.

I relied very heavily on Scott to help me with this project, especially in the actual reassembly of the finished pieces. In addition to the two newel caps, he made seven custom replacement spindles that were copies of the missing 1896 originals. Scott also made new spacers (that go between the spindles) because stripping all of the old ones was just too much work, although I saved them just in case a later owner wants to be as authentic as possible. I couldn't have done this project without him. Others have helped too--Don sanded the treads and risers, and in the early days of this renovation my mom helped strip the hallway side of the stringers.

This moment was years in the making. The great unfinished staircase project was the first thing I thought of every time I walked into this house for the last five years. The most noticeable architectural detail of the house (maybe even more so than the fireplace) is finally restored. And all I did was expose the beauty that was there all along, even since the house was so unwanted that it was purchased for just $17,000. I just removed grime and paint and followed the instructions on the cans of wood stain and polyurethane.

Now I can relax. All that's left to do is restore the pocket doors, refinish the first story windows, improve the ventilation of the plumbing drainage system, scope the sewer connection to determine if it's damaged, refinish the dining room and parlor trim, add extra electrical receptacles to the second floor, trim the street trees, re-insulate the attic, and install a kitchen exhaust fan. Easy.

Crazy ridiculous awesome. Your (and all your friends') work is inspiring. Truly lovely.