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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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• Vegan Brunch Party
• I met the new owner of the old Wabash homestead
• Kitchen/Dining Room Trim Project


• I met Sarah, a cute and intelligent vegan veterinarian with a dark sense of humor. Our first date was February 16th.

• History blog post: The West Side Industrial Project


• Airbnb guest Madeleine checked in for a two-month stay. Strange girl.
• Obligatory St. Patrick's Day Parade Party
• Nain Rouge Parade


• My mom and brother-in-law, who watch too many home renovation shows, offered to renovate one of my guest rooms. I fixed the trim and bought the bed and bedding, but they did the rest:


• Sarah and I visited Chicago!

• History blog post: Corktown Pre-History


• Vegan Comfort Foods Party
• Alley beautification project begins after I'm sick of looking at dirt and weeds outside of my window.
• I built a trellis to screen my view of the junk yard next door:


• Upstairs part of staircase completed:

• My house was on the Corktown Historic Home and Garden Tour for the second time. I also became a board member of the Corktown Historical Society.
• Kati helped me design a poster of the 1805 Woodward street plan and Scott helped me frame and hang it:


• It was too humid to do anything in July.


• Sarah and I visited Holland, Grand Rapids, and Lake Michigan!


• I FINALLY FINISH THE STAIRCASE. This entailed an indescribable amount of detailed work. Don helped me sand the steps and Scott helped me with assembly and with replicating lost parts.

• Bob and my mom wanted to renovate another room and I "let" them. All I had to buy was the bed, pillows, and area rug:

• Airbnb guests Giulia and Mirko from Italy checked in. Mirko left after one month, but Giulia stayed for two, and we became friends.
• History blog post: Corktown House Moving Project


• Sarah and I visited New York!

• We attended a Danny Elfman concert at Orchestra Hall, and Sarah indulged me in an Adam and Barbara Maitlands couple's costume:


• I paid off my credit cards. I still owe $35K on my house, but still!
• I had my first and last hangover.
• Giulia returned to Italy.


• Highlight of the month: the abandoned car that was in front of my house was *finally* removed.
• Christmas shit. What else do people do in December?