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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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brief holidays post
christmas eve
Sarah's family tradition for Christmas Eve is to have an early dinner at an Italian restaurant with her mom and aunt. I attended this year and learned that her aunt knows Jeff and Kati. Sarah's extended family had a gathering the following day, but I was not able to attend.

christmas day
I hosted Christmas dinner at my house, but it was just my mom and Bob, with Sarah joining us in time for dinner. We weren't supposed to exchange Christmas gifts, but the day after we decided not to exchange gifts my sister suggested paying for a season of snow shoveling for my mom, which is actually a good idea. So my mom gave me a new messenger bag for Christmas. It is very well-made and from the Rust Belt in Ferndale. It's large enough to carry my laptop, unlike my ratty old messenger bag that I bought back in 2001 at the Farm Sanctuary gift shop. That thing has definitely reached the end of its natural life cycle. Sarah and I received from my dad and his wife a gift certificate for a bed and breakfast in Allegan that can accommodate vegans.

my birthday
Sarah spent the night at my house and took me out for breakfast at Brooklyn Street Local on the morning of my birthday, but she had to go to work afterward. Her gift to me was a much-needed new hooded sweatshirt from American Apparel. My gift to myself was finally replacing the missing riser at the top of the staircase. Scott cut the piece for me on his table saw, and he also used the saw, his planer and router to make spacers for me out of red oak that he had laying around. In the evening I hung out with Joe and my mom took us out for Thai food. We went to see a piano duet performance at the DIA that included the four-hand arrangement of The Rite of Spring. My gifts from my mom were a pre-seasoned cast iron pan and a gift card to buy vegan Doc Martens. Way back on Thanksgiving, as an early birthday present Joe had given me a poster for Planes, Trains & Automobiles that I have since framed and hung in my dining room.

new year's eve
After work, Sarah came over and we had dinner at Shangri-La after finding out that basically all of the Thai restaurants were closed. Later we went to St. Cece's Pub and we met up with Abe and her friend Megan to welcome 2014. We didn't stay too late into the evening. In fact, Abe and I are lightweights and had just enough alcohol to remind us that we're just not meant to drink, so we should just stop it already. I had a full house that night--Sarah spent the night, Abe and Megan slept on my two couches, two Airbnb guests were in the blue room, one Airbnb guest was in the green room. I like the feeling when this house is actually being *used*, and I'm not just milling about a 1500 square foot house by myself.

new year's day
I intended to go to the Detroit Institute of Bagels to get everyone breakfast, but I learned that they did not open until noon. So Sarah, Abe, Megan and I drove to an Einstein Brothers Bagels in Dearborn and brought them back. The green room Airbnb guests--two women from Canada--joined us for what I thought was a very enjoyable breakfast. It made me think that I should run an actual bed and breakfast out of this house. But then I'd have to get permits and shit so never mind.