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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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dogs, trim, and violins
I went to look at dogs for adoption on Saturday. Sarah and I went to a Petco in Troy where Home Fur Ever was holding an adoption event. I was hoping to see a dog I saw online named April. Although they had expected her foster owner to show up, they didn't for some reason. I did however meet a very nice dog named Honey. She was a little young, but super sweet. The sound of the large group of dogs barking was very disorienting and I didn't want to make any major life choices at the moment, so I am planning on attending the group's next event on Saturday and seeing if I can meet April there.

April & Honey

Also on Saturday Sarah and I saw the director's cut of Amadeus at the Redford. She hadn't seen it before, but luckily she enjoyed it. The director's cut is *three hours* long, and for the most part I think that leaving all of the deleted scenes out is a good idea. The restored scenes tended to be a little too blatant, and one in particular made Salieri too overtly evil. That's bad enough for artistic reasons, but it's even worse since Salieri is a totally innocent historical figure! That scene did however make the exchange between Salieri and Constanze Mozart near the end of the movie make a lot more sense.

On Sunday Sarah's mom visited my house for the first time. I think it was the first time she had even been in the city in several years. I showed her the house and we all walked to Ottava Via for lunch. Sarah (who drove her down since she was worried about something happening to her car) said that her mom was very positive about the visit afterward. The next step is to let her know that the current plan is for Sarah to move down here.

My weekend project was to replace the missing trim in the TV room:

I finally took down a piece of hardware that was screwed into my ceiling that used to hold up the movie projector when Joe and Matt lived here, and I took out the wall anchors that held the mirror that was used in the projector setup. The wall was pretty beaten up so I spackled the holes and repainted the whole thing. I also nailed up picture rail that had never been put up. The nice thing about this project is that the only money I had to spend was on a new light switch cover and receptacle box, which together were probably $5. Absolutely all other materials--including the extra picture rail, leftover paint, and stain--were already in my basement.

In special honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day I tried really hard to go for the whole day today without doing anything racist. So of course when I went to the bus terminal to pick up a Chinese-American Airbnb guest, I walked up to to wrong young Asian woman. Hopefully my actual guest didn't see that. I swear to god I'm horrible with faces for *all* people, but there is no way I could have explained that.

Anyway, this guest is here to audition for the DSO tomorrow and is glad that I'm "letting" her practice violin. She said that people in her apartment building actually complain about her playing. I've never met anyone who hates intrusive noise more than I do, but how offensive can the sound of a violin in the hands of a professional really be? I guess I'm going to find out...

Ooooh, sounds like a fun guest! And I'm glad to hear Sarah is thinking of/planning on moving to Detroit! My dad asked about you the other day and I told him you might be thinking about selling the house and moving to the suburbs and the FACE he made! I should bring him by sometime to see the house now--he hasn't seen it at all since before anything had been done!

Your dad is welcome over any time! Let me know the next time you are both around. Then I can ask him his opinions about adequate plumbing ventilation and drainage. :D

It was great seeing you and Sarah! I hope you guys didn't mind being interrupted by my sister, then Jeff's work, then Abbi's shenanigans...

After reading that again, let me end with an, "I'M SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND MY DUMB FAMILY."

We enjoyed seeing you guys on Saturday too! It was a nice excuse to go out for lunch. :) I just feel bad for being the cause of you not being home when your sister thought you would be. Hopefully her wrath was manageable...