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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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a place for our stuff
At some point in the last few weeks, Sarah's moving in with me somehow changed from a vague notion into a real event with a deadline. At the end of May, as soon as the Airbnb guests who are staying for the electronic music festival leave, we are moving her stuff in. Before then, Joe and Matt will remove the rest of their stuff, except for the infamous giant metal desk, which I may be able to incorporate.

A fun challenge for me has been planning to arrange all of our furniture so that it will fit. The biggest changes to my floor plans are transforming my parlor--which looks cool but I never, ever use--into a living room with Sarah's sofa, chair and TV; and changing my current TV room into an office with the aforementioned metal desk.

This will probably require redecorating/repainting, and I'll probably call upon my mom for help, since she has an eye for these kinds of things. Right now, my parlor is red and pink, but Sarah's sofa and chair are grey and green:

The metal desk to go into the office looks like this:

This is a "Skyliner" desk manufactured by the Orna-Metal Products Co. of St. Louis, Missouri in the mid-1950s. I am thinking of building some sort of retro theme around it for the office.

I don't know if these would work, but the weird, old-fashioned-y pink sofa and chair from the parlor would fit in the office:

In addition to these rooms, we will probably also repaint what USED to be the Unibrows office upstairs, but will now be Sarah's room. We will share a bedroom obviously, but each have a personal room to do whatever we want with. Her room will have stuff from her current house--an armoire, a small dresser, a small computer desk, a guest bed, and probably cat stuff.

We have our work cut out for us.