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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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an addendum to my "bagley vision" post
There is a concern I had about the Bagley Vision building, 2150 Bagley Ave., that I just wrote about on the history blog. I didn't print this because it sounds accusatory and I may be misinterpreting information, but I'm not sure if George Ondik actually owns that building.

I got my information from deeds recorded in Wayne County and data on corporations and LLCs organized in Michigan. This is the chain of the building's ownership as I understand it, started in the 1970s:

• 27 Oct 1977 — Charlotte W. Hamilton sold the building to George J. and Josephine Ondik for $30,000.

• 19 Aug 1988 — Josephine Ondik quitclaimed to George Ondik for $1.00. The couple was divorced by this time.

• 10 Jan 1989 — George J. Ondik sold to Donald Teweles for $30,000.00 plus back taxes.

• 6 May 1995 — Donald Teweles filed to incorporate Park Bagley Corp.

• 17 Jun 1995 — Donald Teweles quitclaimed to his Park Bagley Corp.

• 5 Mar 1997 — Lisa Strohl (Mr. Ondik's daughter) became the new president of Park Bagley Corp.

• 19 Aug 1999 — Lisa Strohl quiclaimed to Terry Scheidell (Mr. Ondik's sister).

• 31 Aug 2005 — Donna Tarnas (daughter of Mr. Ondik) filed to incorporate Park Bagley LLC (not Corp).

• 15 Sep 2005 — Terry Scheidell quitclaimed to to Park Bagley LLC.

The current name on the tax record is Park Bagley LLC. It was to this entity that Wayne County issued a notice of forefiture for nonpayment of 2011 taxes.

Here is where things get confusing:

• 5 Mar 2012 — George J. Ondik filed to incorporate Bagely Avenue Properties LLC.

• 13 Mar 2012 — George J. Ondik quitclaimed to Bagley Avenue Properties LLC.

Did he have the right to quitclaim the property? What's weird is that the first deed I mentioned at the top--when the Ondiks bought the building in 1977--shows that it wasn't recorded by the county until March 28, 2012. Was Mr. Ondik trying to "prove" he owned the property? If I'm right and there is some mix-up, it's probably due to an innocent misunderstanding and not malice.

But I might be totally wrong about there being a mix-up. Maybe Ondik is part owner of Park Bagley LLC along with his daughter. But wouldn't the new deed have to say that Park Bagley LLC and not George J. Ondik quitclaims to Bagley Avenue Properties LLC?

This is why I made that comment about any prospective buyers needing to employ a title insurance company. Sadly, hunchentoot can tell you all about title issues that can come up when buying property. This stuff happens.