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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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LJ rundown
• Sarah and I went to the VegFest in Novi, which ended up being better than we thought it would be. There were plenty of free samples to devour and good food to actually buy. We saw Megan, John from Atoms Juice Cafe, and my coworker Lindy there. Luckily no exes. Also Dandies makes hot-coco-sized vegan marshmallows, and we bought a bag. This fact is worth posting on the internet.

• Joe just submitted his entry for a contest for fan-made videos of the They Might Be Giants song "Am I Awake". Also working on the video were the two Jeffs and Tara, who I just met and had no idea was Alyssa's sister for several weeks. I was mostly just a production assistant on the project. It turned out great, but you people don't get to see it yet.

• The good thing about the money I made from Airbnb is that it will help me afford to pay the $600 in taxes I owe on the money I made from Airbnb.

• Lakeside Plumbing never showed up to "hydro-jet" and scope my sewer connection at 2pm on Saturday. I called at 2:30, and they said they'd be there in 45 minutes. An hour and 20 minutes after *that*, I just cancelled. Not doing the hydro-jetting will actually save me enough to pay those taxes, so I guess that makes up for it?

• I had an Airbnb guest check in last night, and I didn't even have to meet them. I just left them a key and now I have $78!

• Yesterday I noticed that the pressure release valve on my water heater is leaking. I hope those cost less than $78 to replace.

• Sarah moves into my house in just over one month. We picked out possible paint colors for "her" room today. It's going to be a crazy month.

Ha ha, this took some Googling for me to get the reference. Which is weird because I actually used to watch and like that show. Somehow I don't remember that guy.

haha yeah I wasn't sure if you watched Community, but I wanted to do the equivalent of "liking" your post... but LJ doesn't offer that as an option, so... Leonard. haha.