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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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mercury retropolis
I met my mom at Bob's house today to help clean out the attic. There is still a lot of family nostalgia up there, especially since Joel hung onto *so* many things. I salvaged just a couple of items that stirred up ancient childhood memories of my grandparents' house. But a lot of items just had to be thrown away, either from having been exposed to a leaky attic and fiberglass insulation, or there just being no room anywhere for them. Bob had always kept Joel's memory alive, but now with him gone and having to throw away some of Joel's old stuff, it was a sad day.

About 95% of Bob's stuff was sold in the estate sale. There are a few chairs, a lot of artwork, and random knickknacks remaining. We have to figure out what to do with them. Maybe an antique store will buy all of it for some low price and come and get it, just as long as it's out of there.

My mom and I took an afternoon lunch break and drove over to Steve's Back Room. On the way there we saw a sort of antiques/retro shop that we had never noticed before on Harper Avenue. It happened to be in the space directly below an apartment where Beth Delaney used to live. I'm not a spontaneous person, but I decided we should turn around and check the place out to see if they were open and if they were interested in buying any of Bob's stuff.

The place is called Mercury Retropolis. It looks and smells brand new, but if you look closely, you see that a lot of the items are authentically retro. They specialize in midcentury modern housewares--as the owner puts it, "from Deco to Disco". Right when we walked into the place, I saw a bust of Caesar just like one Bob had. He would have loved the place.

A lot of the items in the store had a familiar feel to them. Finally I saw a sculpture of a gypsy woman that I knew for *sure* was Bob's. My mom asked the owner if she had recently been to an estate sale in Harper Woods, and she said that she had. Some of these items *were* Bob's.

The owner, Michelle, remembered the sale vividly. She said that a few minutes ago she had just been talking to her partner, wondering what ever happened to the unsold items from the house. And then my mom and I materialized out of the Aether. We invited her to come to the house to see if there was anything she wanted to buy. She did pick out a few items, but admitted they were for herself and not the store. She was every bit as eccentric as you should hope that the owner of a midcentury/modern housewares shop would be. She insisted that she doesn't believe in ghosts and isn't "a weirdo", but she admitted that she felt some strange connection to Bob when she attended the estate sale, and felt there was some significance to my mom and I happening to come by. I am a cynical and skeptical person, but it is hard not to feel the same way.

The store is definitely worth checking out. I am planning on going back, especially when it comes time to furnish the "retro office" I have planned. They are at 20602 Harper, on the east side of the road just south of 8 Mile.

That is just really, really a very neat happenstance.