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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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busy week
Things have been pretty nuts around here for the last week and a half. A large number of tasks and life events have converged within a short period of time:

- Basement cleaning & dumpster rental
- Renting of three bedrooms and one couch to techno festival Airbnb guests
- Removal of concrete footings from next to my house
- Planning a new fence and garden for the same area
- Spiffying-up the landscaping in front of the house and along the alley
- Letting Scott's and Becky's dogs out a few times when they were out late
- Purchasing of a new piece of furniture from Mercury Retropolis

- Selling of old furniture
- Making time for a few social events
- Sarah moved in!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I've been helping Sarah pack up and clean her house. I took Tuesday off from work and we moved her furniture and most of her possessions on that day. By which I mean she hired movers to load and unload the U-Haul. Later that day we moved to cats in, and today Sarah will bring over Gander, who has been spending the last couple of nights at Sarah's mom's house. The house will be a little chaotic for a few days, but it's all taking shape.

Last week I got an email from a commissioning editor from the same publishing company that put out Dan Austin's and Amy Elliott Bragg's books. He wants me to write a book about Corktown's history. I haven't agreed to anything yet, but I filled out a proposal/questionnaire. He sent me a book they put out about a historic neighborhood in Baltimore to give me an idea of what they're looking for. I just got it yesterday, but flipping through it so far, it looks like less of a picture book that the Arcadia books tend to be. I talked to "Good Allan" at a party the other day and brought up this subject, and I learned that he is currently working on a project with the same publisher. His advice was to do it if I think it would be an enjoyable project and if I find the work rewarding, but not if I think it's going to make me a lot of money.

I am very confident in the kind of research I have already put on my blog, but I do have a couple of weaknesses that I would have to overcome in order to write a 45,000-word history of the neighborhood: 1) I am basically blind to the history of Tiger Stadium, because sports are silly, and dozens or even hundreds of 19th century homes were demolished to create more parking for fans; and 2) between World War II and the founding of Corktown's Citizen District Council and Historical Society, there is a bit of a gap in "historical records" that would have to be filled with personal interviews and other resources that I can't find in a nice, quiet library.

That sounds awesome, you should write that book! You can put that shit right on your legit historian resume! And it's just really cool to be able to tell people you wrote a book, and to see your name on a book. It's definitely not a moneymaking enterprise but it's still got plenty of rewards!

Skip History Press if you can help it. They've had their share of errors on my book.