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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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doo run run
On Saturday Sarah and I drove down to the "Maker Faire" at the Henry Ford Museum to see Stacey's band "Dear Darkness" play (and she got us in for free!). I had never been to this event before and I'm still not sure what the unifying theme was. We wandered the place while waiting for the band to set up, and we ended up in an area where I somehow failed to see a banner advertising a local carnival-themed subculture. I noticed a 53 year old man dressed up like a clown and his 28 year old girlfriend, so we turned the hell around and went back toward the stage. After the Dear Darkness set we checked out the "Women Who Rock" exhibit inside the museum.

After that we went to John K. King Books, which I had only very briefly visited once before. It was neat and all, but I'm guessing that the good, rare stuff must not be out in the open. The four-story book store's entire collection of Buddhism took up one shelf--not a bookcase, just one single shelf. I had thought I'd pick up a used copy of the Anguttara Nikaya, but it just wasn't that kind of collection. To their credit, they *did* have a 1922 German translation of Edwin Arnold's 1879 The Light of Asia, which would be valuable to the right collector. Sarah tried to find books on veterinary medicine. There were only a few, but she did find one worth buying. It was an entertaining but horrifying book from the 1970s with the most idiotic advice for pet owners imaginable. I think she should start a whole blog just about that book.

A few days ago, when Sarah and Gander were at the former Tiger Stadium site (aka makeshift dog park), she had to chase someone's dog that had escaped and ran toward the freeway. (This is a *separate* incident from when the both of us had to chase dogs off the freeway the weekend before last!) Sprinting after the dog left her in such a state that she wanted to get back into shape, and we decided that we'd both start running. I bought shorts and a pair of New Balance running shoes--the first time I have owned sneakers and shorts in at *least* a decade. On Sunday morning we alternated running and walking on a 3.8 mile path to the river, downtown, and back. Sarah's lungs still hadn't recovered from the dog chase a few days ago, so she and I were at the same level of ability. Hopefully I will see progress in my lungs' ability to do this kind of thing.

This weekend I saw the film The Room for the first time. It is life-changingly bad. I had to take a break halfway through, but by the time it was over, I was glad that I made it through. Sarah also downloaded the RiffTrax for the movie, which we played along with it the next day. I very much recommend it.