Bartleby the Scrivener (vegan27) wrote,
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2015 In review

I basically did not post in LiveJournal in 2015, so I had to scroll through Facebook to compile this list.

I was extremely preoccupied with renovating our house throughout the year, so I'll skip over those details and photos until the end.

-I was so effin busy with the house that not much else was written about on FB.

-Our cat Templeton, who Sarah had for many years, had become very old and totally blind, and finally his body started to shut down. The poor guy was euthanized this month.

We survived the snowiest winter in Detroit's recorded history.
This photo was taken in February, but it snowed until April.

-Sarah and I visited family in Arizona.

-Sarah and I moved out of Detroit and into Farmington Hills. I had been in Corktown for ten years, most of my adult life. I don't regret the decision, but I miss living in the city all the time.

-Abe, who had moved to Portland a year ago, visited Michigan and was the first person to stay in our guest room!
-Liz visited! She had Ethiopian food for the first time, and we all attended the "Diego & Frida" exhibit at the DIA.

-Sarah and I celebrated one year of living together on the 27th.
-Thanks to a hot tip from Melanie and a lot of help from Scott, I achieved my lifelong dream of owning my very own Miller-Melberg turtle.

-Sarah and I volunteered for our last Corktown Historical Homes Tour.
-Two days before the 5 year anniversary of Joel's death, the house he died in was up for auction. I came very close to bidding, but I did not.

-Not much non-house-related going on...

-Sarah and I visited Chicago to attend JR's wedding reception.
-Hannah visited!

Me & Sarah at the Field Museum in Chicago.

-Sarah and I visited JR, and also saw Flint, Bay City, and "White Rock."
-David Murray, an old timer who grew up in Corktown and who I only knew through Facebook, died unexpectedly. He commented on every photo I posted to the historical society FB page and had a ton of information to share. I always wanted to meet up with him in the old neighborhood "when I had more time." I failed to make time, and I'll always regret it.
-My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Sarah and I made plans to visit Arizona again the following month.

-Gander ran away when I had my back turned. Luckily a woman who lives extremely close by who happens to be a vet tech found him at the goddamned gas station.
-We attended a commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the survey of Michigan at the Meridian-Baseline State Park.
-Sarah and I visited Arizona for the second time in 2015.

Me & Mom.

-I "called in sick" to attend a seminar on the history of the survey of Michigan and the remonumentation of historical section corners.

-Abe visited a second time in 2015!
-I started my new blog, Detroit Urbanism.
-On my 36th birthday, Sarah and I tried to gain access to where I believe a prehistoric Native American earthworks is located, but the gentlemen who occupied the property were not happy to see us and politely warned us to "Stay Out Of The Woods."

And throughout the year, the house stuff... The "before" photos represent what the house looked like at the beginning of the year, as opposed to the beginning of the entire project (when we started gutting in October 2015).

A good example of how some things are still works in progress.

I'm never renovating another house again!
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